American Poetry
(Free and How)
Igor Satanovsky

Koja Press, 2001

6 x 9, 60 pages, full-color cover
ISBN: 0970722419


About This Book:

The Avant-Garde lives! This is the author's first collection in English, combining the innovative spirit of Russian Avant-Garde with the cutting edge American poetics. It presents Satanovsky's experimental writing, visual poetries, re-cuts, and other unmentionables.

About Igor Satanovsky:

Igor Satanovsky (b.1969, Kiev, Ukraine) is a bilingual Russian-American poet/translator/visual artist who moved to the United States in 1989. Satanovsky's work in both the visual arts and poetry has appeared on both sides of the Atlantic: his Russian poetry, as well as translations of Allen Ginsberg, E. E. Cummings and Antonen Artaud appeared in Zerkalo magazine (Israel, 1996-2000). Other works have appeared in Koja, Blackbox, Riverrun, and Urban Spaghetti. He also edited the Rush-ins Poetry Reader (Koja Press, 2000) and contributed notes to the Dictionary of the Avant-Garde (Schirmer, 1999).


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