Stalking the Minotaur
Selected Works of Bill Keith

Edited by Igor Satanovsky
With forewords by Richard Kostelanetz and Bob Grumman, afterwords by John H. Bennett and Karl Young

Koja Press, Winter 2004

6"x9", 84 pages, color cover
ISBN 0-9707224-6-X


About This Book:

A definitive review of the creative output by "possibly the only significant African-American visual poet in all of the U.S." (Bob Grumman). Richard Kostelanetz writes in his intro: “Barely visible though Bill Keith’s poetry has been so far, mark my prediction that it will be reprinted for as long as anthologies of experimental and/or African-American writings are made.”

About the Author:

Bill Keith was born in New Rochelle, New York in 1929. He is a painter, collagist, poet and photographer who studied with Charles Alston and Roy De Carava. He founded the Malcolm X Art Center, directing it until 1975. His books include Wingdom (Runaway Spoon), Spatialisme (Writers Forum), Op Poems (Writers Forum), Sphinx (Xexoxial Endarchy) and L’ affaire du Labyrinthe (with Arrigo Lora-Totino, Left Hand Books, 2001). In 1991 he curated with Karl Kempton Visualog IV, an international exhibition of visual poetry. Most recently, his work has been included in Writing To Be Seen, an anthology of visual poetry (Light and Dust, 2002), and spidertangle the book, a coincidental miscellany of now vispo (Xexoxial Editions, 2002).

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