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KOJA Poetry Magazine is a biannual magazine dedicated to the exploration of Russian/American Avant-Gardes' crossroads.

Editor-in-Chief: Mikhail Magazinnik
Assistant Editors: Inna Mattei Ososkova, Igor Satanovsky, and Michael Tsan
Art Director: Igor Satanovsky

- Please note that we are currently not accepting new submissions. -





Poems by William James Austin, Bill Keith, Ric Leach, Andrew Lye, Nathan Levine, Yaroslav Mogutin and our Russian-American crew; also, the first English translation of Vladimir Sorokin's play "Dostoyevsky-trip".

This issue also premieres KOJA's literary criticism section with William James Austin's & Igor Satanovsky's discussion on Charles Bernstein & the American Avant-Garde tradition.

8.5 x 11, 60 pages, hand-printed 3-color silkscreen jacket, stapled.






"Social Discourse, Sex & Sound" (1998)

Includes American authors Bruce Andrews, William James Austin, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Errol Miller, Lance Olsen, Doug Rice & others, as well as translations of poems by
Russian poets Aleksandr Brener, Aleksei Hvostenko, Yaroslav Mogutin & David Burlyuk. KOJA's Russian-American contributors include Alex Galper, Marik Kagan, Sasha
Kogan, Richard Kostelanetz, Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, Mikhail Magazinnik, Inna Mattei Ososkova & Igor Satanovsky.

8.5 x 11, 60 pages, color cover, stapled.
$7 / Still available.






The premier issue of KOJA magazine (1996) presents its winning combination of out-there poetics, cutting-edge VisPo, and larger-than-life short fiction from both sides of the Atlantic.

Contributors: Michael Basinski, Raymond Federman, Alex Galper, Sasha Kogan, Richard Kostelanetz, Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, Mikhail Magazinnik, Eileen Miles, Genrikh Sapgir, Inna Mattei Ososkova, Dennis Saleh, Igor Satanovsky, Spencer Selby, and others.

5.5 x 8.5, 66 pages, color cover, stapled.
$5 / SOLD OUT!

See www.monkeyfish.com/koja for excerpts from the premier issue.




What prospective contributors say about KOJA:

"... I would not select a single piece from issue #1 for my upcoming literary magazine... I hope you are going to like my new submissions to issue #2."
J. L.

"... You are right to request prospective authors buy a sample copy of your magazine... Having read the issue I received from you, I demand that you immediately return my submissions... I find your magazine to be extremely disgusting..."
S. M. S.


Reviews of KOJA Magazine:

"KOJA is an uneven mix but wide-ranging and definitely up-and-coming."
Bob Grumman, Small Press Review, #76-77, 2000

"KOJA so far is a very exciting color-xeroxed magazine..."
poetryproject.com, 1999

"Avant-Garde here is for sure what is "Other". It's great. KOJA displays
the widest interpretation of new and challenging writing now being written."
Michael Basinski,
Small Press Review, March 1997

"An excellent new magazine of innovative writing."
John M. Bennett,
Taproot Review, 1997


Submission Information:

We require that authors submitting manuscripts be familiar with previous issues of Koja magazine. Only experimental poetry will be accepted. Please query at kojapress@artmail.org.


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