The Rush-Ins Poetry Reader
Igor Satanovsky and
Allison Weingard, Editors

Koja Press, Winter 2000

5.5"x 8.5," 100 pages, color cover, thermotape binding.


About This Book:

The Rush-Ins Poetry Project was founded in the fall of 1998 in South Florida and is dedicated to the exploration of neo-futurist/ avant-garde/ progressive/ performance/ experimental poetries in the broadest social/multicultural context. This first collection of the Rush-Ins Poetry presents 6 outstanding young poets: Stanley Gemmell, James “Janus”Henderson, Ric Leach, Nathan Levine, Lauren Rathvon and Igor Satanovsky.

About the Contributors:

Stanley Gemmell (b.1972, Puerto Rico) is a true lyrical poet whose long-term preoccupation has been the exploration of the possibilities of direct lyrical expression in the post-modern environment. Stanley's work has appeared in The Alembic Literary Journal and Urban Spaghetti.

James "Janus" Henderson (b.1968, Madison, Wisconsin), the son of an itinerant West Indian academic, was raised and educated in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Dominica until "returning" to Wisconsin to complete his undergraduate studies in Engineering. Then, James moved to Japan to teach English. Ultimately, he settled into "the corporate world" in Miami, Florida, where he still resides. His poetry is concerned with the liminal, or in-between states, endemic to the (im)migrant condition as articulated by thinkers such as Homi Bhaba and Gayatri Spivak. James "Janus" Henderson's book of poetry is scheduled to be published by KOJA PRESS in 2001.

Ric Leach (b.1975, Hartford, CT) currently resides in Miami, FL. In his ten+ years of writing poetry, he has been published in a few nominal publications. His works attempt to chronicle the urban/suburban sensibility without the extreme cynicism or pretension characteristic of most city-dwellers. Langston Hughes and Ernest Hemingway are among his literary forebears.

Nathan Levine (b.1977), a poet & fiction writer, resides in Holywood, FL. This year he founded Giovanni Press and edited "an example," another collection of the Rush-Ins poetry. Among Nathan's interests are new developments in visual, modern and neo-futurist poetry/prose, as well as history of the past avant-gardes.

Lauren Rathvon (b.1979) is currently a Humanities major at New College in Sarasota, FL. Her goal, through wholly unpretentious means, is to illuminate the common bonds between people who may otherwise think themselves as abnormal or "the other." Lauren also has the pleasure and responsibility to bring a decidedly female perspective to the predominantly male Rush-Ins.

Igor Satanovsky (b.1969, Kiev, Ukraine) is a bilingual Russian-American poet/translator/visual artist. His poems appeared in KOJA, BLACKBOX, riverrun, Urban Spaghetti (USA) and Zerkalo (Israel) magazines. Currently, Igor is wrapping up his 4-year exile to Florida and hopes to take a good bite out of the Big Apple by summer 2001. His book of poems American Poetry (Free & How) is scheduled to be published in the fall of 2001 (KOJA PRESS). read more about The Rush-Ins, please visit their website:

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