Scrub Station
Julia Solis

Koja Press, 2002

5 x 7 3/8, 122 pages, full-color cover
ISBN: 0970722427


About This Book:

A collection of six short stories including "Polka in a Fishtank" and "Elizabeth of Factories".

About Julia Solis:

Julia Solis conducts archaeological parlor games and investigates ruined urban spaces. As the proprietor of the website it has been her pleasure to document deteriorating bathrooms, morgues and scrub stations in a variety of abandoned mental hospitals. She has published random stories and translations and is the author of a forthcoming book on subterranean New York.


"She's so talented... and so were Mata Hari and Eva Braun, each in her way... and Lizzie Borden had a good solid swing going, she could have hit home runs. Dracula's wives played the harpsichord and violin beautifully.  Ms. Solis is the Marlene Dietrich of fiction and she's not even German.  Ms. Solis inhabits the demimonde like a barracuda ruling a reef.  Ms. Solis sees true, and tells all. Your heart will break."

— John Shirley, author of And the Angel with Television Eyes

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