5 Underworld 6
William James Austin

Koja Press, Spring 2001

ISBN # 0-9707224-0-0
6"x 9," 60 pages, full-color cover, perfect binding


About This Book:

UNDERWORLD by William James Austin has been an underground sensation since 1994. This latest collection contains parts 5 & 6 of a projected nine circles of hell.

About William James Austin:

A connoisseur of the bizarre and controversial, Austin lives in New York City and remains addicted to its dystopian landscape. He has published two previous collections of poetry, 1 UNDERWORLD 2 and 3 UNDERWORLD 4 (S Press), plus the book length study, A DECONSTRUCTION OF T. S. ELIOT: THE FIRE AND THE ROSE (Salzburg University Studies). In his younger days as a musician and songwriter he composed music and lyrics for Lou Rawls, Hammer, and other rock and jazz notables. Currently he co-edits the experimental literary magazine, BLACKBOX, while teaching at the State University of New York.

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